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Child abuse is institutional as well as individual #churchtoo

After inviting me down to Charleston in May and hearing my story, Church Creek Presbyterian's board has decided not to apologize. It felt good to be heard out and believed for everything I said happened to me and to hear that others had corroborated some of my story. They didn't dispute anything; they essentially admitted everything including the harsh disciplinary culture that pushed spanking, yet they refused to say they were sorry or acknowledge that the church as a church and the board as a board had any responsibility.
In fact, and this is bizarre, they think only individuals can share blame, and a couple elders apologized, one for not speaking up when he might have thought kids were being punished too harshly and the other for not realizing that crazy statements he could roll his eyes at were heard and accepted by children. It was admitted that children were spanked by child care workers, elders, and others not their parents, and the pastors office was used as a quiet …