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Spare me the God talk about spanking and stop abusing kids in your church

Physical abuse that went by spanking was mandated at my church growing up. Elders there convinced my parents, who did not want to spank, that they had to for religious and political reasons, and they gave very harsh instructions. They went to town. I started getting migraines young, and now i get 3 to 7 migraines a week. No one has any excuse for hitting a child. Evidence that spanking or physical abuse is harmful isn't new, but psychology was dismissed as a liberal conspiracy (along with evolution and global warming) against God fearing conservatives.

In my first letter about a year ago, pasted below, I asked for an apology. That's all. My folks apologized, took responsibility, expressed regret, said they had uncritically gone along with what everyone was saying and doing, but the men who taught them to abuse and established a culture of abuse at Church Creek in the 80s and 90s have so far refused to apologize or allow me to speak to them in person at a session (church board…